Deb Ball Services

Good Look Dance provides two types of services. We travel to Secondary Colleges teaching our upbeat choreography in a segue format. This is when the College is organizing the event.

The other service we provide is completely organizing the whole event for the College, from teaching the dance presentation, dance skills for ballroom dance to coordinating flowers, the band etc. through to the Master of Ceremonies.  Teachers have such a busy schedule with their standard duties. We can take the pressure off & organize their College Debutante Ball for them.

Some Colleges don’t provide Presentation Deb Balls for their students. We again can help here as well. Students from these Colleges can gather a group of friends together & we will do the rest. This would be run completely separate from the College & be organized by "Good Look Dance". Simply go to registration & find the pre-booked Ball date in the calendar that suits you & fill out the form.

We guarantee the night will be a success & have many references from over 30 Colleges, students & parents.

Good Look Dance - Experience makes all the difference